Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oak Glen November 2010

We had our annual trip up to Riley's Farm in Oak Glen. Our good friends the Kinnersleys were able to enjoy the day with us. The girls were in heaven. they loved being able to pick apples off the trees.

Friday, March 4, 2011

She's a Babe!

Our little monkey is growing up. Riley is energetic, silly, and such a ham. She loves to play with other kids. When we go to the park she runs over to the children playing and says "Hey guys, I'm here!" everyone was just waiting for her. Riley is very independent, she is determined, and she is soo brave. We don't call her monkey for no reason...she loves to climb on everything and she has no fear. this could be bad at times ;) She loves to play with her little sister Eva, but she lets her know who's the boss. She is a total joy to have and i love to see what an amazing child she is turning out to be. We love our little monkey.

Tanaka Farm Fun

We spent a lovely day at Tanaka Farms with the ladies. Riley loved the petting zoo, eva was a little scared and decided she didnt want to be near them. We went on a hay ride and got to pick our own little pumpkin to take home. It was a great day with the greens :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Halloween 2010

Super Babies!

Summer in the IE 2010

This past summer was pretty relaxed. James and I went to a shooting range ( i won :D ), We did a lot of swimming, and we enjoyed the Beach a couple times...simple, but fun.

Rafting on the Kern.

Last year James and i took a little trip out to Bakersfield....oh yea! lol...we didnt do much in Bland, we actually drove out to Sequoia National Forest and went water rafting on the Kern. It was a total blast. We only did a 3 hr. trip for mod - begginners, but let me tell ya, that was enough. James barely made it out alive...he fell out of the raft. I tried to save him, but i just couldnt quite reach was great! We would totally do it again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cruising in the Barbie Jeep

Riley and Eva love their pink Barbie Jeep, so we decided to take it for a ride today...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Park Daze...

We love going to the park...and when I say we, I mean Riley and Eva...ok, I like it too :) Theres a really fun park just a couple minutes away from our house. They have a huge play ground and a totally fun Splash zone. The girls absolutely love it! Its such a joy to see them run around, make new friends, and just have fun. its also a great way to wear them out :)

Moving Day March 27th

We moved! for those of you who didnt know. We're back in Corona! We found this cute little townhouse ( half the size of our house), just 5 minutes away from James' office. We totally love it. It took some getting used to the smaller size, but it really is perfect for us. Its 2 bdrms. 21/2 baths and about 1150 sq.ft. so its really not that bad. We will totally miss our first home in Lake Elsinore, but we know things will only get better.....thanks to everyone who helped with the move, we love you guys!

Valentines 2010

Ok, so I know valentines day was like months ago, but as you can see, I totally suck at blogging. This is just my attemp to catch up on the year that's quickly coming to an end.
Anyways, this past valentines day, James and I decided to go whale watching. We saw lots of dolphins and seals, however no whales were in site :( We still had fun...and got really wet! It was nice to get out and do something different and just really enjoy eachother..I would totally do it again.

Happy Valentines Day!